Minute Molding

Minute Molding logo type under

Corporate identity designed for Minute Molding, a product that snapped onto existing door and window frames to create a custom look.


The initial design for packaging incorporated a die cut on each side, allowing the customer to check fitting before opening the package. It would have worked well for re-shelving merchandise for returns.

MM clamshell photo 1MM package photo 2[1]

Bowing to pressure from the Big Box, we presented a clamshell design with clear illustrations for installation.

Profile Illustrations

This set of icons was designed to designate the different faces of the product.

Minute Molding stacked

Shipping boxes created large billboard effects when stacked on palates for shipping.

Minute Molding logo

Sadly, this was not instituted for final packaging, but I am proud of these graphics and the suggested innovations in packaging. If you see it on the shelf, buy it (I am invested) but be sure to send an email to Home Depot as to how much less attractive the graphics are.

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