Minute Molding. Project in Progress

Minute Molding logo

Bill Shipp, industrial designer, invented a product called “Minute Molding.” With this, the DIY person can simply snap the corners onto their existing door or window molding to create a new level of finish to their home.


The introductory package for two corner moldings incorporates a die cut that the customer can use to determine whether or not the Minute Molding will fit over the existing molding. In addition to it being a handy tool, it will reduce the tearing of packages before a return—a great savings for the retailer.


Profile Illustrations

A set of icons to use in labeling the first four decorative models: Rosette, Fleur de Lis, Pyramid and a Classic block.


Minute Molding stacked

Boxes are designed so that if stacked in an alternating pattern, the complete logo will show up, very large, when shipped on a palette.


MM 3

Future projects include website, sales collateral, and trade show booth.



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