Hope Flies, Catch the Cure 2013

The cover of the Hope Flies Catch the Cure invitation, ads, and posters adapts Van Gogh's Starry Night over the Rhone, with fireflies replacing the stars.
The cover of the Hope Flies Catch the Cure invitation, ads, and posters adapts Van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhone, with fireflies replacing the stars.

Hope Flies, Catch the Cure 2012

Hope Flies is the signature event of the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine, an Atlanta, GA based non-profit that funds research into treatment and cure for mitochondrial disease.

Cover for the 2012 Hope Flies, Catch the Cure invitation.
Cover for the 2012 Hope Flies, Catch the Cure invitation.

In 2012 the Hope Flies Catch the Cure event found a new home at the Mason Murer art gallery. I adapted Matisse’s Fall of Icharus as the inspiration for the cover of the invitation, the ads, the announcements, posters and program. I also designed the event graphics, banners, signage and table tents, as well as consulting on event media.

Fireflies are used as both the FMM logo and in the Hope Flies event logos to represent the waxing and waning of energy as the cellular mitochondria disfunction.


Georgians for Passenger Rail, logo, brochure

Georgians for Passenger Rail is a non-profit association based in Atlanta, for the purpose of lobbying for passenger rail in the state of Georgia. I created the logo and initial brochure.

Logo for Georgians for Passenger Rail.
graphic for Splash page for initial website.
Initial brochure for Georgians for Passenger Rail



Project Happiness, logo & web

Logo for Project Happiness

Ruth Culver needed a logo for Project Happiness, her website for her coaching business. The one I created was based on an image of a Passionflower. The  Stigma of the flower are represented in the logo which has a joyful, energetic reach.

Below, I worked with Ruth to develop a WordPress website in which she can communicate about her services and blog about happiness coaching.

Wordpress Website for Project Happiness

Ninth Life Theatre Company, logo and web

The header for the Ninth Life website including the hand rendered type treatment logo.

The Ninth Life Theatre Company had a new play, “The Questionnaire”, written by and starring Christopher Birks and Robert Neumark-Jones accepted to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the 2011 Season.

The Company needed a web site up and running fast. Since two of the principals are writers, they needed something that they could edit easily and quickly.
It needed to be a little gritty and edgy to reflect the sort of plays they will be presenting.
Hand rendered type, created with a hand carved tool, photographed and digitally re-drawn in a vector format.


The cat, drawn from a photograph of a well-known Palmers Green feline, was created in Illustrator.

From Quilting Bees to QR Codes

Promoting the first QR Code Quilt

Nancy Feve Quilts

Quilt artist Nancy Fève decided to make the first interactive quilt using the QR Code. This quilt was the centerpiece of an exhibit at Williams Gallery in Cambridge, UK.

Here are a few examples of promotional work that I did for the exhibit, as well as the promotional additions to Nancy’s website, Fève Quilts.
This poster featuring a photo of the QR Code Quilt worked as a functioning code


Logo/Corporate Identity Designs

A few samples of my favorites in my portfolio:

This logo was for GrassTex, a textile company that produced artificial turf for sports areas.
This logo was developed for a charter school with an aviation focus, located in a mid-century modern building near Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL) the busiest airport in the US.
This logo was developed for a concert musician who was noted for his wardrobe of ties and vests, which he changed during his concerts. This logo was used in a system, reflecting the variety of patterns and colors.
Logo for a company selling very traditional home decor products.


Interface flooring is a worldwide brand, equally known for being design-driven and the leader of sustainable product design and manufacturing.

Interface projects completed include the following:

Wordmark for a Sustainability conference

The wordmark and focus of the conference were to focus the ability to sustain. Completed materials for the Sustainability conference included invitations, mailings, information material.

Particular attention was paid to the sustainable papers used.

HTML email for one Interface line, in advance of a trade show
A "microsite" developed for an Interface audience
A brochure for "EcoTourists" who visited the first Platinum LEED Certified Office showroom in Georgia
Interface Diversity Brochure for recruiting