Chattahoochee Pencil Company

Logo for Chattahoochee Pencil Company, a company who first launched with a funky c-shaped graphic chunk. When first contacted, I did market research into uses for the product, designed the corporate ID, labels, packaging, trade show graphics, ads, initial direct mail teaser, brochure, poster, POS card. The typface, Graphite, was an obvious choice. The thin line represents that the product can make skinny lines with the solid shape representing both the shape of the project and that it could be used with broad strokes to fill large areas quickly.

The product with the product label.

Business Cards were printed front and back. Colors chosen were bright, primary and secondary colors—specifically chosen because the colors were consistent across print and web—PMS, CMYK and RGB.

The materials that launched the company

Being a part of an initial product launch, in a tight time frame, was exciting. I did the market research, developed the corporate ID, the packaging, the brochure, direct mail, initial ad, trade show graphics, POS, labels, and the design for the website.

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