Robert Neumark-Jones, Visual Identity and Website

Robert Neumark-Jones, an up and coming actor, writer and director asked me to design his business card. After a few boring starts, I developed a graphic for Robert that had more resonance than I first imagined.

Knowing that Robert’s mum is a huge Bob Dylan Fan, I did a riff from Milton Glaser’s Dylan poster. Using the natural waves in Rob’s hair, I used the curves to create a colorful expression.

Only later was I told that his mum had a dream before he was born in which Bob Dylan told her that she would have a curly-haired boy and name him “Robert” after Dylan.
Robert had a wide range of needs for his website. He writes, acts and directs and has occasionally done some modeling. The site was built on in WordPress, adapting Modesty, by Elegant Themes.

Though it was rather complicated to set up, the format allows for changing, adding or subtracting media as needed.

Chattahoochee Pencil Company

Logo for Chattahoochee Pencil Company, a company who first launched with a funky c-shaped graphic chunk. When first contacted, I did market research into uses for the product, designed the corporate ID, labels, packaging, trade show graphics, ads, initial direct mail teaser, brochure, poster, POS card. The typface, Graphite, was an obvious choice. The thin line represents that the product can make skinny lines with the solid shape representing both the shape of the project and that it could be used with broad strokes to fill large areas quickly.

The product with the product label.

Business Cards were printed front and back. Colors chosen were bright, primary and secondary colors—specifically chosen because the colors were consistent across print and web—PMS, CMYK and RGB.

The materials that launched the company

Being a part of an initial product launch, in a tight time frame, was exciting. I did the market research, developed the corporate ID, the packaging, the brochure, direct mail, initial ad, trade show graphics, POS, labels, and the design for the website.


Identity—Thumbprint for your brand

Identity—Thumbprint for your brandA logo is the central element of a corporate identity—the visual fingerprint of your brand.

It defines the public face of your company, product and service.

To develop a logo and corporate identity, first I do research. I will interview you on your company focus, research your competitors, evaluate the approach and develop the icon or type treatment based on this information, plus my vast experience. During my work, I like to discuss options with you, based on your level of engagement.

Over the years I have developed marks for a wide range of companies and services from software and technology, healthcare, education, art supply and manufacturing companies.

One of the aspects I love most about my job is learning about yours.


Your image should integrate across all visual media, as well as work with your long term strategy.

When designing a logo, I consider how I will be using it in printed and digital media.

A good design should look timeless. No one should be able to look at your logo and identify the month and year it was designed just because of a trend-of-the-month typeface or Photoshop treatment.


All of your communication materials should “speak with one voice.” I build your communications materials across media to maximize your effectiveness. I design corporate identity systems so that you and people who work for you can fully implement your identity. In addition, I design brochures, websites, b2b ads, publications, packaging and environmental as well as integrating design for your social media strategy.

Visualizing Social Connections

The introduction page for Visualizing Connections in a Social Network

The culmination of a research project on Social Media and a mapping project presented in Flash.

My canine significant other got her own Facebook page. As the user mouses over the “chicklet” representing that person, the name, photo, and connection information appears on the left and the names of each persons connections show up on the larger field on the right. The connections are color coded as to how they became part of my own network. Note: within 24 hours, Sparkie had as many Facebook connections as I had in 6 months.

Visualizing Connections in a Social Network
Yes, I got my Masters in Facebook

In my search for a project for my Masters in Graphic Design at London College of Communications, University of the Arts London, a classmate suggested turning Facebook into a real book. Well, the volume of information quickly became overwhelming. I did a few different projects for one section of my course. For the Major Project I did volumes of research that touched on the anthropological and sociological as well as the marketing communications applications of all social media. My final visual project was a mapping of my own social networka type of mapping that could have rendered vastly different results if used for a project like the Framingham Study published in 2009 by JAMA. ****My 14-year-old nephew was not impressed that I had done a Flash project on Facebook for a Masters degree. “I could have done that” he said. I told him “Of course, (and he probably could have done the Flash better) but, could you have written a book that made it sound like an intelligent thing to have done?”

in an earlier Unit, I compared the way that people presented themselves visually. One book overlaid similar images, the smaller paired like and opposite images and one status message to give context to the narrative.

Research dossiers, process notebooks and final Major Project Report.