Slow Food Festival

The Hoochee Poosa chapter of Slow Food USA held its first Slow Food Festival in Roanoke, AL. Adapting an existing graphic into a dynamic presentation, I created social media graphics, posters, informational postcards, event signage, retail signs for booths and banners.

Slow Food Festival postcard

Slow Food Fest poster

Will is in the band

Ella and Liam

Our younger members stenciled the Slow Food logo on the sidewalk, making a snail trail between our sponsor businesses and the event space.

Movieguide Awards 2013

For some strange reason, my invitation to appear was lost in the mail. My printed samples were lost too. Perhaps they should have used the Pony Express…

This was the invitation, which was printed on a matte silver paper and folded in a “z” fold.

Movieguide WalkFame-Star3-fold guide

A few nominees didn’t get theirs either, so below is the email announcement. (A trend?)


The Nominees were given the banner below to be included in their own email and web announcements.


Moviguide signature banner-nominee

Welcome ASAN









Above is the typography for the Food & Farm Forums, used on fliers and posters for a series of events.


The Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network is a new client. Here is a small ad for them and I’ve got bushel of work in the hopper.

ASAN 2014 Food & Farm Forum flyer for web

Re-brand for Five Points Farms

Five Points Farm LOGO

Five Points Farms, located in a glorious red barn in Five Points, AL, is the home of an industrious company. I was very excited to be chosen to create a new logo that was clean, crisp and to the point and their packaging. As soon as the packaging is back from the printer and applied to the product, I’ll share photos.

Five Points Farms makes non-GMO grits, cornmeal, and a cornbread mix. Seasonally they produce old-fashioned sorghum syrup and muscadine juice with other products in the planning stages.

Five Points yellow grits

Hope Flies—Catch the Cure 2014

HF-Buckhead Theatre2014

My name wasn’t in lights but it was exciting to see my illustration and design for the 2014 Hope Flies—Catch the Cure Fundraising Gala lighting up the Peachtree Road/Roswell Road split in Buckhead Atlanta.

This year we chose the good, old-fashioned Mason jar to create artwork for all the promotional materials.

HF-CTC invitation 2014-Cover

I created this illustration with a combination of photography and technology. In addition to the invitation, I produced the save-the-date announcement, print and digital ads, the VIP invitation, signage, banners, tabletop presentations, cards representing the “voices” of those who are suffering with mitochondrial disease that were attached to candles used in the evening’s ceremony,  and the most fun of all, the marquee of the Buckhead Theatre.


HF-CTC invitation 2014-emailp2



This logo was designed for a London area food blogger who has cookbooks and greater plans in the works.

AUsome project


This semester an Industrial Design studio at Auburn University will be working on a product that I initiated while living in London. We are all excited about developing an innovative product as well as bringing stimulus to an economically deprived area of Alabama. This project, an innovation in eyewear, will be used to chart a course for other product developments. In addition I am working with the Small Business Development in Auburn.

Minute Molding. Project in Progress

Minute Molding logo

Bill Shipp, industrial designer, invented a product called “Minute Molding.” With this, the DIY person can simply snap the corners onto their existing door or window molding to create a new level of finish to their home.


The introductory package for two corner moldings incorporates a die cut that the customer can use to determine whether or not the Minute Molding will fit over the existing molding. In addition to it being a handy tool, it will reduce the tearing of packages before a return—a great savings for the retailer.


Profile Illustrations

A set of icons to use in labeling the first four decorative models: Rosette, Fleur de Lis, Pyramid and a Classic block.


Minute Molding stacked

Boxes are designed so that if stacked in an alternating pattern, the complete logo will show up, very large, when shipped on a palette.


MM 3

Future projects include website, sales collateral, and trade show booth.



10% Donation Offer to Hope Flies Catch the Cure to Benefit Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine


Hello Fireflies,

I am Michelle French and this is my third Hope Flies, Catch the Cure event as graphic designer. The event benefits the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM) and I have had the privilege to design brochures, event branding, posters and banners for the event. The Foundation’s mission is to fund research into treatments of the many forms of mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial disease strikes all ages, races and genders, and mitochondrial dysfunction is related to many well-known diseases including Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s and chronic fatigue among others. This cause is dear to me as I have family members and friends connected through many health issues to mitochondrial disease. Now through September 20, I am offering to donate 10% of all design fees from projects commissioned by FMM friends.

I also wanted to give you the scoop on a wonderful new turn my career is taking. When my relationship with the Foundation began, I was living in London. Last year my visa expired and I returned to the States. I thought at the time it was temporary, but God laughed at my plans. With a group of other professional creatives (writers, designers, marketeers), I am forming a new firm called ThistleWork Studios. In addition to graphic design and marketing support, I will be joined by industrial designers so that we can develop both our own products and client products. We are also planning an extension with a prototyping lab.

We are located in the outskirts of the Atlanta area, just over the state line in Roanoke, AL, but that just means our allergies are minimal and we have more energy to work. We can meet you at your convenience at your office or a coffee shop of your choice. If you want to drive out to see us, we can entertain you on Lake Wedowee or by driving a little further, Lake Martin.

I can custom tailor a portfolio for you to peruse, as I have posted far less on this site than my career has entailed, and will soon feature work from the industrial designers and engineers who have not left their day jobs yet. We are starting to build the website so I probably won’t be updating this one much.

You can reach me at 404 661 9474 or email




ENAS (UK) Newsletter

Continuing to work with clients in London, this summer I designed and illustrated the newsletter for the Enfield Chapter of the National Autistic Society (UK).

Cover of the ENAS 2013 newsletter
Cover of the ENAS 2013 newsletter
Illustrations and page spread from newsletter
Illustrations and page spread from newsletter