Working with Michelle French Design

To begin a working relationship with Michelle French Design, Michelle requires a meeting with the client to complete a client assessment, which will be in turn used to develop an analysis of client needs and presented with suggestions as to a course of action. This assessment is billed at $500. (£300).

This assessment can be applied to project development costs.

Generally speaking, client project partnerships are established at the commencement of projects starting at $10,000.

Exclusions to this are offered to some non-profit organizations, and a small business package is available to start-up businesses and consultancies after completion of the assessment and evaluation process.

At commencement of a project an invoice for half of the fee is to be paid with the remaining half paid either in full at completion or in increments during the project. In the case of web sites, the fee must be paid in full at the point the site goes “live.”

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