Michelle French, the personality

Hi, I am Michelle French: a graphic designer, art director, illustrator, painter, storyteller, amateur architect, possessed gardener, former Girl Scout, Social Media Maven, and a certified instructor of Laughter Yoga. Seriously.

In December 2009, I completed an MA Graphic Design at London College of Communications, University of the Arts London.

My most effective work comes through personal relationships—working in partnership directly with clients. I get to know my clients and their needs through thorough research and create effective identities and communications.

I am stubborn in that I want to create the best work, but the work is not about ME—it is about the needs of my clients. I listen and respond, however, on the relatively rare occasion that I do object—pay attention. There is a reason.

My career as a graphic designer has been long and varied. I have started lying about my age—because I can—so let’s not do the math. But I do bring a wealth of experience to your projects.

I sing and tap dance. Badly. If you pay me—I won’t! (I do think we should have fun as we go about our serious business.)

To go back to the Girl Scout thing: I’m honest, trustworthy, friend to all, kind to animals, loyal, cheerful(ish), thrifty, courteous, but that “clean in thought, word and deed” went out the window a long time ago.

A current CV can be e-mailed upon request. (Due to increasing invasion of privacy in the internet, the CV contains too many personal bits of information)

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